UNI-SEC Key Cabinet

Each key cabinet has a numbered key tag and lock location for the key ring. The key cabinet is well used in the work shop, apartment, school, car rental shop and warehouse for key drop or storage.

Quality & Service

All of UNI-SEC’s safes are characterised by high-quality materials and through high-precision manufacturing. Now UNI-SEC has ISO9001-2008/CCS,CE production standard. As a professional manufacturer, both regular size and special size are acceptable by UNI-SEC. And all safes from UNI-SEC will be covered with warranty. Meanwhile,UNI-SEC will provide long time service with a separated team.

Research & Development

With more than 10 years developing in the safe industry, UNI-SEC will have new design locks with new functions every year in order to follow the demands from the ending customers.

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